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Welcome to Missions Ministry!

At MCOTN we are passionate about sharing the love of Christ throughout our local community and world. One of the ways we do this is through investing time and resources in local, regional, and international mission projects. Missions Ministry may be as simple as helping paint a church or providing food for the homeless. It might also include traveling to Costa Rica, show the Jesus Film to native people who have never heard the gospel, or spending a week in New Mexico cleaning up the Nazarene Campground after their devastating fire. We are thrilled with the emphasis our congregation places on both local and worldwide mission efforts. God is moving through our church! Children and adults alike participate in the various aspects of missions. We invite you to join this ministry and get ready for the adventure God has in store for you!

What is The Missions Ministry?

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… Matthew 28:19

Missions ministry is our church's response to the Great Commission to make Christ-like disciples in all the nations. We become the hands and feet of Jesus as we reach out to help people in need. The Church of the Nazarene supports 750 missionaries in 258 world areas. Brand new churches are planted daily. We also support Nazarene colleges, bible schools, hospitals, and clinics all over the world. Our local church participates in Nazarene missions by sending out Work & Witness teams regionally and globally, distributing food and clothing to those in need, rebuilding churches, assisting Native American reservations, visiting orphanages, and much more. We have an exciting Missions Ministry at MCOTN and look forward to having you join us!

How Do I Get Connected?

Opportunities for service in Missions Ministry include the following:

Work & Witness

This ministry is about connecting teams of workers with needs. Teams of two or more people help with construction, medical, technical, and evangelistic needs in churches around the globe. These 'lay missionaries' pay their own expenses, donate their time and skills, and make a huge impact in the church today. If you would like to participate in a Work & Witness project check the Upcoming Mission Events schedule in the foyer at the missions table.

The Jesus Film Project

Since 1979, more than 200 million people have made decisions to follow Jesus after viewing the film 'JESUS', a docu-drama about the life of Christ based upon the Gospel of Luke. This film has been translated into more than 1120 languages to help people see and hear the story of Jesus in their own language. If you would like to help deliver equipment or support this ministry, check out the Jesus film Website at

International Missions Speakers

MCOTN invites missionaries from around the world to share what God is doing on the mission field. These speakers tell us about the world's needs, what the church is doing to meet those needs, and share how the Kingdom of God is growing worldwide

Prayer and Fasting

It is important to pray for our missionaries out on the front lines. Prayer and Fasting participants choose to fast for a meal, pray for missions during that time, and often contribute the cost of the meal to missions. To keep up-to-date with prayer requests on the mission field, you are encouraged to call the Prayer Mobilization Line at 816-444-PRAY or subscribe to weekly prayer updates at

Alabaster Offerings

Alabaster Offerings provide funds for purchase of land and construction of churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes for missionaries around the world. Offerings are received twice a year in October and March.

World Evangelism Fund

The World Evangelism Fund is used to start new churches around the world and underwrite the organizational network for worldwide missions. This fund provides full-time missionaries with a paycheck and provides literature in more than 90 languages as training resources to equip church leaders.

Missions Council

MCOTN has an active Missions Council. They meet monthly to plan mission events and organize Work & Witness projects. Everyone is encouraged to attend the our monthly missions meetings.


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