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Welcome to the Welcome Ministry!

First impressions about church are often made in less than ten minutes. That’s about how long it takes someone to travel from the entrance of our parking lot to a seat in the sanctuary. A first impression may determine whether a guest feels comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the message. First impressions also influence whether or not guests will return. The purpose of the Welcome Ministry is to make first impressions as wonderful as possible. Welcome team members greet all who enter our campus and create a hospitable, friendly environment where guests feel comfortable to be themselves. The Welcome Center is an inviting place where guests learn more about our church, receive gifts, and enjoy a free baked good and coffee. Welcome Ministry participants genuinely care for our guests and make every effort to get to know new people and introduce them to our regular attendees. We would love to have you join our team!

What Is the Welcome Ministry?

Welcome Ministry is for those who want to help new people, as well as regular attendees, feel at home, comfortable, and welcome at MCOTN. If you would like to help our church make a great first impression, consider joining the Welcome Ministry as a parking lot attendant, Welcome Center host or hostess, usher, greeter, set-up crew member, or hospitality team member. If you have never served in a ministry before or are new to the church, this is a fun ministry with opportunities to meet and greet dozens of people each week.

How Do I Get Connected?

We would love to have you join one or more of the Welcome Ministries. Opportunities include:


Since its beginning, MCOTN has been known as “the friendly church.” Our greeters are partly responsible for this excellent reputation. Greeters serve every Sunday before services in entry areas. They join the rest of the Welcome Team in helping guests feel welcome and comfortable. Greeters arrive at 9:00 am for Sunday morning services. Hand shaking and big smiles are the key characteristics required for this friendly ministry.

Welcome Center Hosts and Hostesses

The Welcome Center is an exciting place to be on Sunday mornings. Hosts and Hostesses provide coffee and baked goods, and offer information about events of the day. If you are outgoing and enjoy meeting new guests, you will really enjoy this ministry. Host and Hostesses are scheduled weekly or monthly.

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